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Sapramin Headquarter

  • Location

    Iran ,Tehran

  • Service

    Renovation ,Interior Design ,Product ,Landscape ,DNA Design

  • Function

    Office ,Commercial

  • Client

    Sapramin Holding

  • Scale

    <1000 m²

  • Year


From DNA to final finishing detail

Sapramin headquarter office, a center for "Apple" after sale services

The central office of Sapramin Company, located within the Ahmadabad Wood Industries Revitalization Township, encompassed a project with distinct restrictions embedded within its architectural framework. The project site was enclosed by plane trees, offering compelling vision to the interior spaces.

The project’s focal challenge was the creation of adaptable office spaces with open plans, each serving different objectives. These spaces included commercial zones, areas for staff activities and relaxation, as well as a dedicated café that also catered to the entire industrial township.

The primary management spaces were designed in alignment with Sapramin’s economic activities, centered around technology, and the anticipated atmosphere for these spaces was forward-looking, imbued with a technological approach.

DNA and Atmosphere in practice

The genesis of project Layout

Continuing the methodology employed in Atmosfactory’s project portfolio, which entails the initial formulation of a project’s identity and DNA, this endeavor commenced with the formulation of its own DNA. This blueprint extended to all spatial components, encompassing geometric behavior, functionalities, materials, environmental graphics, and beyond, charting a clear trajectory. This comprehensive approach ultimately informed the design of the interior spaces, ensuring they align harmoniously with the envisioned atmosphere.