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Sapramin Headquarter

  • Location

    Iran ,Tehran

  • Service

    Renovation ,Interior Design ,Product ,Landscape ,DNA Design

  • Function

    Office ,Commercial

  • Client

    Sapramin Holding

  • Scale

    <1000 m²

  • Year


Discover how Sapramin's central office project tackled unique architectural challenges.

Sapramin Headquarters: Redefining Office Spaces in Ahmadabad Township

The Sapramin Headquarters, located in the Ahmadabad Wood Industries Revitalization Township, presented a unique architectural challenge from the outset. The project site, surrounded by a shade of plane trees, offered an eye-catching view that would shape the character of the interior spaces.

Explore how Sapramin's office spaces seamlessly blend commercial zones, relaxation areas.

Multifunctional Office Design

Firstly, the project’s primary challenge revolved around the creation of open- plan office spaces, designed to serve different purposes. These multifunctional spaces continuously blended commercial zones, areas designed for staff activities and relaxation. Moreover, even a dedicated café that would cater not only to the Sapramin Headquarters workforce but to the entire industrial township.

Explore the forward-looking atmosphere designed in alignment with Sapramin's technological focus.

Technology-Centric Atmosphere

In imagining the central office operations, Mesh team gave a particular attention to aligning the design with core economic activities. These activities revolve around cutting-edge technology. The designed atmosphere within these spaces was forward-looking, filled with a sense of innovation and a profound technological decorative.

Learn about the comprehensive approach that shaped every aspect of this innovative office project.

A DNA-Driven Approach in Sapramin Headquarters Design

Following the well-established practice that has identified Atmosfactory’s project portfolio, this project started with the development of its unique DNA. Importantly, this foundational blueprint was then extended to cover all spatial components; By going over boundaries to develop geometric behavior, functionalities, material choices, environmental graphics, and more. Clearly, this unified approach painted a vivid picture of the project’s path. So, it  serves as the guiding star for the design of the interior spaces.

Explore how Sapramin Headquarters inspires creativity and productivity through adaptable open plans.

Developing Innovation and Collaboration

As a result of this approach, the interior spaces within Sapramin Headquarters emerged as a blend of functionality and aesthetics. To emphasize, the adaptable open plans effortlessly accommodated various office activities, providing an environment that develop creativity, collaboration, and productivity. The office’s technological structure introduced a sense of innovation into every corner, reminding all who enter of Sapramin’s spirit.

Discover how Sapramin sets new standards in office design within Ahmadabad Township.

A Pioneer in Office Design

Finally , Sapramin Headquarters represents not just a workspace but an innovative design and a commitment to creating environments that inspire. The harmonious fusion of architectural vision, technology, and a forward-looking atmosphere makes Sapramin Headquarters a standout project. In fact, within the Ahmadabad Wood Industries Revitalization Township, Sapramin central office sets new standards in office design and functionality.