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Leo Boutique Hotel

  • Location

    Iran ,Kerman

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Interior Design ,Landscape ,BIM

  • Function

    Boutique Hotel ,Civic

  • Client

    Private sector

  • Scale

    10000 - 50000 m²

  • Year


An Evolving Vision

Leo Boutique Hotel Project

At first, The Leo Boutique Hotel project started as a predesign venture. However, as the client’s vision evolved, Mesh’s team began on significant improvements. A prosperous family from Kerman, sought more than just a central office for their diverse business holdings. Which include a stone mine, an asphalt factory, a pistachio orchard, and construction activities. Additionally, located in the Haft-Bagh neighborhood along the Kerman-Mahan axis, they imagined a headquarters for their family business on this exceptional piece of land.

Shaping the Project’s DNA in accordance with this multi-use complex Functions

Capturing Opportunity in Tourism

Secondly, upon thorough initial studies and site analyses, Mesh’s team recognized the strategic location of the land along a tourist route. Leveraging this opportunity to attract both national and international tourists, the project’s DNA took shape. We finally, Proposed the construction of a boutique hotel, with 32 guest rooms capable of accommodating tour groups. As a result, the concept expanded to include headquarters, commercial spaces, and common areas like restaurants, swimming pools, a museum, and leisure facilities. Emphasizing, The Leo boutique, set within the unique climate of Mahan. It clearly, covers an expansive area exceeding 10,000 square meters, making it an inviting destination for travelers.

Unlocking Financial Potential

In fact, the shift in the project’s concept, from a family business headquarters to a boutique hotel, brought an unexpected benefit. Which undoubtedly, was the access to a loan from the tourism department. This change surprisingly, not only realized the client’s vision but also unlocked financial opportunities that facilitated the project’s execution.

Architectural Response to Harsh Climates

How Leo Hotel Responses to the Harsh Climatic challenges

Obviously, the harsh climatic conditions of the Haft Bagh region posed another challenge. To overcome intense heat, aridity, and sandstorms, the boutique hotel was ingeniously nestled deep into the ground. This architectural approach effectively shielded the structure from the region’s harsh environmental factors. Furthermore, the sloping roofs of the complex served dual purposes, minimizing extreme heat and the impact of seasonal dust storms.

Embracing Breathtaking Views

Az a matter of fact, taking advantage of the exceptional views of Shahdad and Mahan mountains, the orientation of the hotel suites was thoughtfully designed to maximize these panoramic vistas. The interior design of the suites seamlessly integrates the rich culture and heritage of Kerman. The aim is to provide visitors with a modern yet original experience of the region’s unique culture.

Stargazing Under the Desert Sky

The attention to detail extends to the exterior spaces surrounding the suites, where Kerman marble stones line the walking paths. Many of the hotel’s suites feature a private roof, inviting guests to stargaze beneath the expansive desert sky. In some cases, these rooftop spaces are communal, enhancing the sense of community and connection among visitors.

Marble Stone and Pistachio as Kerman’s Tourist Attractions

Showcasing Local Culture

As the design progressed, the surrounding land was artfully incorporated into the project, housing a Kerman marble museum and a Kerman pistachio shop. Additionally, a dedicated space was allocated for the sale of local products, further immersing guests in the culture and offerings of the region.

The Ultimate Goal of the Leo Hotel 

A Harmonious Blend of Vision and Environment

In summary, the Leo Boutique Hotel project stands as evidence to the creative mixture of a client’s evolving vision with the unique challenges posed by a harsh desert environment. Through thoughtful design and architectural innovation, this boutique hotel not only meets the needs of its users but also offers an unforgettable experience, inviting guests to embrace the culture, history, and natural beauty of the Kerman province.