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Leo Boutique Hotel

  • Location

    Iran ,Kerman

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Interior Design ,Landscape ,BIM

  • Function

    Boutique Hotel ,Civic

  • Client

    Private sector

  • Scale

    10000 - 50000 m²

  • Year


Special location

The potential of the site has make the identity of design

The LEO Boutique Hotel project is situated along the tourism route of Haft Bagh Kerman – Mahan. The DNA (the term “DNA” refers to the fundamental essence or core identity that shapes the overall design, concept, and character of the space.) design of a boutique hotel targeting both national and international audiences, settled in the unique climate of Mahan, has been created as a distinctive structure by the MESH team. The project’s form evokes a central courtyard with lateral growth at the heart of the land. The recessed volume of the project within the site enables effective protection against the region’s dusty winds, common in the climate of Mahan.

Experimental and eventual design

Design's main approach to avoid disturbing wind

Due to the exceptional site views towards the heights of Shahdad and Mahan, the orientation of the boutique hotel suites was planned towards these potentials. The interior design of the boutique hotel suites is influenced by the culture and heritage of Kerman, maintaining a contemporary structure while being deeply rooted in this culture, aiming to present a modern experience of the region’s culture to the users.

LEO Boutique Hotel, due to excessive sunlight exposure, features a facade with maximum spatial porosity. This porosity continues into the ceiling to ensure constant shading, with over half of the facade shaded at all times, preventing excessive heat buildup. LEO Boutique Hotel encompasses diverse spaces including offices, commercial areas, accommodations (with various room types), a restaurant, a swimming pool, etc., all designed within an area exceeding 10,000 square meters.