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Atmosfactory  Atmosfactory
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Atmosfactory  Atmosfactory
Mesh Mesh
Banamid Banamid

Our Capabilities

Mesh Professional Solutions
Process in Mesh

Research, DNA Design, Architecture and Technical Solutions

In MESH we believe that architecture begins with the creation of strategy. The project strategy is the convergence-meeting point of client needs, economic plans, experiences from similar projects, and ultimately MESH team’s solutions, within sections such as Banamid, MESH, Atmosfactory and Bim factory.



Our Solutions

The project management
lifecycle in MESH consists of 3 steps

Part One | Banamid Research Institute

Banamid is the research and study division of MESH. Banamid, an architecture institute, focuses on three main areas: research, media, and endeavors to enrich architecture on the scale of its audience. Banamid is a part of MESH's social responsibility toward both the national and international audience, engaging in interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies around architecture, thus contributing theoretically.

Moreover, in the initial stages of forming the project ideas, Banamid seeks to provide a suitable intellectual product to the Atmosfactory team by studying the project's subject, issue, and its literary background.

Part Two | Pre-design | Atmosfactory

Atmosfactory is the factory of producing DNA and atmosphere in MESH.

The project's identity and main strategy, addressing fundamental project issues, and formulating the project roadmap are carried out within Atmosfactory. Atmosfactory is considered the brainstorming room in the initial phase within MESH.

Atmosfactory gathers client needs, financial plans, and overall project goals, delivering outputs such as project brief, feasibility study, project branding structure, or brand book, to the design department.

Additionally, Atmosfactory all at once, advances the necessary infrastructure for the operational or sales phase, receiving nourishment from Design's outputs.

Part Three | Design | MESH

The central core of design in MESH.

In the Design department, based on the outputs of the first section (Atmosfactory), the architectural team initiates the idea of project architecture. This idea is all developed according to the DNA defined in the first section, encompassing forms, volumes, plans, project architecture, and the overall strategy. Other aspects such as electrical, mechanical, and structural components are all produced in sections dedicated to concept generation, space management, and internal usage. Spatial relationships are formed during this production phase.

Part Four | Post Design | BIM Factory

The technical documentation production division in MESH.


Technical project documentation, or Phase 2, is the focus of this section, approached through Building Information Modeling (BIM). In this division, documentation is produced across five Levels of Development (LOD). BIM Factory services are offered to projects in three stages: design, construction, and post-construction, encompassing four architectural, electrical, mechanical, and structural disciplines.

The executive team's workshop services include activities such as high-level supervision, executive management, contract management, and project management and planning within MESH.

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