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Parand Multi-Use Complex

  • Location

    Iran ,Tehran

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Multi-Use ,Civic

  • Client

    I-Land Co.

  • Scale

    >50000 m²

  • Year


Design process

The story of three Introverted mass

3 themes were considered as the basis for designing Parand multi-use complex. One was a formal consideration that the architectural form should comply with the context and be a result of site studies. Another consideration was about climate issues, especially considering the project’s location.

Accordingly, minimum open spaces, and an overall layout of the building to be developed towards an east-west direction were considered important when dealing with a project in Iran’s desert. Shahzade Garden, an Iranian historical site in Kerman, was considered as a reference for designing the project.

Shahzade Garden, an Iranian historical site in Kerman, was considered as a reference for designing the project.

Whereas in the life of people in deserts, any piece of shadow or shades of a tree on the ground made it a valuable choice of place for taking a breath or drinking some water, with many old towns having been constructed around such initial seeds during time, this model turned into a basic concept in designing this project’s architectural form, where the cantilevered extension of the laid boxed rises from the ground little by little, turning into a canopy in the middle of an untouched and serene environment, providing shadow and a tranquil corner for the passerby.

Choosing exposed concrete as the material for the most parts of the enveloping façade is again another solution for respecting the pure environment of the surrounding desert without disturbing its unity and calm with multiple colors, textures, and materials. The minimum dimensions for the openings are another sustainable solution regarding the harsh climate and the design team’s usual concern about minimizing ventilation costs.

The interiors, in contrast with the outside look, are colorful, full of light and diversified. This again roots in traditional desert residences where the simple outer look never revealed anything about the glamorous and colorful interiors.