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Parand Multi-Use Complex

  • Location

    Iran ,Tehran

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Multi-Use ,Civic

  • Client

    I-Land Co.

  • Scale

    >50000 m²

  • Year


Multi-use Complex Formal Integration and Environmental Considerations

Architectural Design Themes for Parand Multi-Use Complex

When conceptualizing the design for the Parand multi-use complex, three core themes guided the architectural process. The first theme emphasized formal integration. It clearly aims to ensure that the architectural form harmonized with its context and emerged from meticulous site studies. After that, the second theme revolved around climate considerations, especially given the commercial project’s location in Iran’s dry desert landscape.

Establishing a serene and unexperienced environment for travelers

Introducing Desert Climate Insights

In the dry landscapes of Iran’s deserts, even the slightest hint of shade or the shelter of a tree’s branches becomes a precious relaxation area for people. In fact, many historical towns in this region have developed around such natural sources of shade. Drawing inspiration from this, the commercial architectural form evolved to create a extended extension that gradually rises from the ground, ultimately forming a canopy. Clearly, this multi-use complex design element not only provides essential shade but also establishes unexperienced environment for travelers.

The Role of Exposed Concrete and Minimal Openings for Sustainability

Harmonious Integration of Materials and Sustainability

The choice of exposed concrete as the primary material for the multi-use complex’s enveloping façade is an evidence to the commitment to preserve the purity and unity of the surrounding desert landscape. It avoids introducing multiple colors, textures, and materials that could disrupt the area’s sense of calm. Additionally, the design minimizes the dimensions of openings, which serves as a sustainable solution to the challenges posed by the harsh desert climate, also helping to reduce ventilation costs.

Vibrancy within Simplicity

Contrasting Interiors

In summary,  in a striking neighboring with the simple exterior, the interiors of the Parand multi-use complex are characterized by liveliness, abundant natural light, and diversity. This contrast finds its roots in the traditional residences of desert dwellers, where plain exteriors concealed luxurious, colorful interiors.