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Minoosa Villa

  • Location

    Iran ,Damavand

  • Service

    Interior Design ,Product ,Landscape ,BIM

  • Function

    Villa ,Residential

  • Client

    Private sector

  • Scale

    1000 - 5000 m²

  • Year


Weekend Retreat Villa

The inception of the Minoosa was rooted in the spatial events of a weekend retreat villa for the Raouf family. It develops a space that would summarize the essence of leisure and tranquility within the realm of a Weekend villa.

The events and tranquility of a Weekend 

A spatial diagram has movement across various spaces, from the welcoming entrance to the kitchen. From the inviting living area, the cozy fireplace space, the iconic terrace bridge, to the peaceful bedroom. In fact, this circulation of movement results in a linear diagram, where the convergence of distinct events creates meeting points. Eventually, they signify the elevated usage of space and time, offering an array of possibilities for the villa’s residents.


Clearly, these meeting points defined different spatial domains, and their distribution was determined proportionally by the generated circulation. For instance, events such as parties, sports activities, artistry cooking, formal gatherings, gazing at Mount Damavand while enjoying coffee, outdoor cooking, breakfast, and more, as a group, formed a set of villa diagrams. It covers about 50 spatial events. Moreover, this community of events gave rise to volumes, shaping the DNA that guided disciplines, from structure to intelligent building management. Positively, settings of villa events serviced spaces needing energy usage and aligned all elements towards optimal resource usage.

Formation of the Terrace Bridge

The next focal point in Villa Minoosa was the creation of intermediary spaces for complex usage. Also, this concept, alongside the circulation story, resulted in the formation of a space dubbed the “Terrace Bridge.” Apparently, this space has the ability to open and close within its structure. It emphasizes one of the villa’s principal potentials—the charming view of Mount Damavand.

Interior and Exterior Harmony

To clarify, the interior architecture of villa Minoosa extends from the complete villa design. It ensures geometric, form and material harmony, developing unity between the villa’s interior and exterior realms.

Enjoying the Joys of Weekend 

In summary, villa Minoosa goes beyond being a weekend retreat; it represent the joys of weekends. This space shows exceptional retreat experiences through spatial design, movement, and harmonious unity for the Raouf family and guests.