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Panah Sanat Headquarter

  • Location

    Iran ,Tehran

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Renovation ,Interior Design ,Product ,Landscape

  • Function

    Office ,Apartment

  • Client

    Panah Sanat Part Co.

  • Scale

    1000 - 5000 m²

  • Year


Petrochemical developer headquarter

Panah San'at Headquarters, two office apartment for logestic contorls of Petrochemical projects

The Panah Sanat Part Headquarters project is a great example of responsive design. It started when the initial structure was almost done, but the execution team operation didn’t meet the client’s expectations. Although half-way projects are not welcoming, the history of successful collaboration between Mesh and this Company led to entrusting the project to the Mesh.

The main idea of the project was to create a six-story administrative center with a steel structure. Each floor was intended to accommodate the management of distinct projects, reflecting the forward-thinking nature of Panah Sanat Part. When the project handed over to MESH, they worked together with Atmosfactory and BIM to make sure everything flowed smoothly from the beginning of the design to the final stages.

Different design elements were combined to make a functional and harmonious space. From the modern-looking exterior to the carefully planned interior offices, every detail was thoughtfully designed to match Panah Sanat Part’s industrial vision. The use of graphics, furniture, and amenities was all carefully chosen to fit the overall design.

Enhancing both aesthetics and functionality of the space by suggesting some addressing strategies such as:

Space Optimization: Re configuring layouts to maximize usable space, creating multi-functional areas, removing non-essential walls.

Natural Light: Incorporating large windows or glass partitions to maximize natural light, which can make the space feel more open and inviting.

Façade Design: Adding unique and modern vertical elements on top of the curtain walls to cover the excessive sun light during the day to reduce utility costs.

Smart technology: Integrate smart automation like lightning, security, and climate control to enhance convenience and management of office spaces.

Rooftop barber shop: A rooftop barber shop idea was generated by the CEO. Providing employees with the convenience of getting haircuts without leaving, is an enjoyable and time-saving solution.

In summary, the Panah Sanat Part Headquarters is a prime example of innovative, adaptable, and collaborative architectural design. Through the careful combination of different design elements, this project represents Panah Sanat Part’s vision while highlighting how good architecture can improve the look and feel of a modern workspace.