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Tav Twin Towers

  • Location

    Marzdaran ,Tehran

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Highrise ,Residential ,Commercial ,Office

  • Client

    Tav Holding

  • Scale

    >50000 m²

  • Year


A Unique Urban High-Rise Experience

Tav Twin Towers

Tav Twin Towers aim to create a new type of high-rise living experience in a populated urban area in Tehran. However, the one-hectare site of this project provided MESH design team with the opportunity to create a unique conceptual world. A conceptual world with specific locations, meant to be readable and experiential.

Extensive Analysis of Tehran’s Residential Projects

Meanwhile, in the initial stages of the project, Mesh team analyzed similar projects across Tehran. Including ASP Towers, Eskan Towers, Petroleum Residential Complex Towers, and several other housing projects.

Meeting Post-Occupancy Standards

The Tav Twin Towers have not only excelled in design but also meet suitable criteria in the post-occupancy evaluation assessment.

A 100,000 Square Meter Urban Oasis

The Tav  project, covers an area exceeding 100,000 square meters. It obviously includes various shared spaces required for the residents of the housing complex. Mesh design team transferred some of these shared spaces to upper floors of the towers through negotiations with the municipality.

Innovative Inter-Floor Corridors

Accessibility and Security

The corridors of the Tav Twin Towers aim to create a new type of inter-floor communication corridors, similar to suspended bridges with green boxes, connected together in scales of two to four floors. In general, the project is positioned at a height suitable for public service on the street level. Surely, it has following filters for entry into resident spaces.