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(CIP) Baghdad Airport

  • Location

    Iraq ,Baghdad

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Masterplan ,Interior Design ,Landscape ,Product

  • Function


  • Client

    Baghdad International Airport

  • Scale

    5000 - 10000 m²

  • Year


CIP of Baghdad Airport design process

Baghdad Airport Site Analysis

To design the CIP building in Baghdad Airport, the MESH team first explored the needs and expectations of the project’s employer and came up with a well-developed physical plan from these needs and similar airport buildings elsewhere in the world.

Along with understanding the CORE physical program, the design team announced the process of building the structure and DNA of the CIP building. This DNA which includes the CIP brand personality and the CIP brand positioning and type of performance has been gradually developed to benefit from these visual and environmental CIP studies, audience behavior policies, external volume behavior, and cultural policy in general, CIP architecture and functionality were identified.

DNA & Atmosphere design of CIP

After this step according to the identified DNA, CIP atmospheric studies were initiated, and the type of user space experience in the environment was investigated both in terms of 5 senses and in terms of service to the audience.

In the next step the DNA and the atmosphere were identified by space physics based on the specified physical program and DNA which included other considerations, including audio considerations, access filters, space interconnection, Ease of access and guidance for travelers in using the services provided and …

Modular-open plans were expanded and upgraded

Then at the completion of the layout of the spaces, the plans were expanded and upgraded from two to three-dimensional volumes.

At this point the design of the CIP building volume was a matter of concern: it included a fifth or roof view and should have been focused on volume issues. The mythical and mysterious things that happened in Baghdad have a look at the tourist attractions of this old city, Smaller arched buildings have thus become a single, intertwined partially intuitive and intuitive complex that strives to improve the quality of residence in the CIP building with its atmosphere and green space.


As a result the CIP is designed as a combination of smaller arc shaped buildings
fabricated into each other,
providing an exploitable space that leads the users into a central courtyard, which its green atmosphere adds to the experience of staying in the CIP.