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Sepidar Villa

  • Location

    Mazandaran ,Iran

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Villa ,Residential

  • Client

    Abadgaran Mehregan Co.

  • Scale

    <1000 m²

  • Year


White Brick villa

Integrating Brick, Greenery and Transparency in Villa Sepidar

The distinct interaction between architect and client

The design of Villa Sepidar fundamentally forms a complete interaction between the architect and the client. The client, imagine his family’s needs not typically connected with daily urban apartment living. He engages their needs in a dialogue that interactions with challenges within the realms of architectural discipline and environmental psychology.

Beyond Urban Constraints: Villa Sepidar’s Freedom of Design

On the other hand, the villa liberates itself from urban limitations, municipal regulations, and the framework of infill land plots. It offers an opportunity for enhanced creativity in form generation and plan resolution. In our perspective, the villa resides at the intersection of a client’s mental preference and the architect’s fearless concepts.

Exploring Archetypes: A Sloping Roof House

The Villa Sepidar project serves as another exploration by the Mesh team. It delves into the timeless form and archetype of a house with a sloping roof (the very form fixed in the collective imagination).

Material Choice and Memories: Brick as a Design Element

In Villa Sepidar, the client’s tendency towards using brick as a material and the contemporary visual language of brick, while retaining his mental images of childhood walls adorned with patterns, which hold significant memories for him, had a profound impact on the overall villa program.

Transparency and Fluidity

The subsequent concern was the transparency and fluidity of the villa’s spaces. A series of complicated issues were discussed during project program analysis and villa site analysis sessions. These discussions led the Mesh team to arrive at a comprehensive project brief for Sepidar. In fact,  it marked the beginning of the villa’s design process.

Central Element: Openness and Villa Management

While solving plans and creating required spaces, a rectangular space with an open plan took on a pivotal role as a central element. This element assumed a certain level of villa management.  Moreover, in conjunction with the primary archetype, it established a connection to the project’s landscape and exterior through openness. At the same time, we created a transparent bedroom facing the villa’s courtyard.

Making Communal Spaces visible at Night

Another challenge in residential complexes pertains to the brightening of communal spaces at night. Villa Sepidar endeavors to tackle this challenge by applying light boxes composed of white bricks, providing an ideal answer. This approach not only remove the need for unreasonable nighttime illumination of the villa’s façade but also gently illuminates the villa’s adjacent courtyard with a soft light.

In the end, Villa Sepidar is a responsive solution to the endless possibilities when architectural innovation, client vision, and environmental sensitivity unite. It clearly creates a dwelling that challenges convention and celebrates the extraordinary.

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