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Narenj Villa

  • Location

    Kouye Narenj Resort Complex ,Mazandaran ,Iran

  • Service

    Architecture ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Villa ,Residential

  • Client

    Tav Holding

  • Scale

    <1000 m²

  • Year


Design Process

Rethinking the villa diagrams

The architecture project of Villa Kuy-e Naranj, carried out by the architecture firm “Mesh,” holds significant prominence in terms of project nature. On one hand, town of Kuy-e Naranj, designed by our esteemed friend and mentor, Iraj Etesam, encompasses a delightful portion of this whole project. On the other hand, the Mesh team, in this endeavor, much like several other projects, endeavors to develop a regional climate diagram for a house located in the northern strip of Iran.

This intriguing and practical diagram guides the user’s movement between interior and exterior spaces, occasionally, without explicit intent. To transition from the living area to the kitchen, which are considered internal spaces, one must traverse through the Gholam-Gardesh (a circulation space), an intermediary area. These considerations, in addition to optimal spatial utilization, not only facilitate air circulation but also encourage the emergence of open spaces within spatial boxes, contributing to improved air flow patterns from a climatic standpoint.

Another aspect of the Kuy-e Narang project pertains to the behavior of the pitched roof and the form of this roof. In the design, an attempt was made to combine a pitched roof structure that is distanced from the main body (to redirect precipitation away from the building) with a novel definition of rooftop space. This innovative approach results in the integration of such a roof type.