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A Villa for a Father

The client needed a modern villa standing modest among other villas in the Peymod countryside, for his relaxing weekends. The site`s beautiful scenes mainly of rainforest hills, and the relaxing cozy location of the plot, located between two accessing streets with different heights on top and bottom sides, overlooking the valley underneath, led MESH team to think of a half-buried box as a concept that corresponds with the client`s required modesty in form, provides equal access from both levels, and opens on lower level to the surrounding nature.

Location Mazandaran – Iran
Status Under Construction
Service Architecture, Interior
Sectors Villa
Scale Small
Client Private Sector

The glazing half of the buried box, rising above the ground, is resulted from extruding a frameless picture window, and converting a flat view screen into a space for viewing. The resulting indoor terrace attached to the living room, provides views to top and bottom, as well as right and left, and overlooks the valley underneath.

MESH`s idea was to elaborate a mere view into an atmosphere where viewing the nature is an experience of time and space provided only by architectural design. The courtyard was designed into the volume box to minimize the construction`s footprint on the plot and leave the surrounding flora untouched.

Ground Floor Plan

A - A Section

B - B Section

This goal is accomplished by letting the green land grow over the buried box, by detailing a planter roof on the top of the box. The overgrowth of the local plants over the box, and the minimalist approach in the selection of materials and designing of form, are believed to lead to emergence of an aged atmosphere where time is architecturally designed, just after the villa is constructed.