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Deed Hotel

  • Location

    Iran ,Qom

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Hotel ,Civic

  • Client

    Qom Municipality

  • Scale

    >50000 m²

  • Year


Design Process of Deed twin Hotel

Deed’ multi-use hotel apartment in Payambar-e-Azam boulevard in Qom city is located between Haram-e-Motahar shrine and Jamkaran mosque; two of the most visited Shia religious sites. The architectural concept is to divide the form between these two religious and political poles and arrange views and accesses around the triangle shaped volumes. The first two floors are for commercial use and an open green plaza on top of them.

 The project is in 10 stories, the first two being a commercial center, and others hotel apartments. The idea behind the architectural form is to stretch the building between the two shrines, splitting it in two parts with triangle like shapes, each pointed at one shrine. The gap between the two volumes provides light for the courtyard and makes the arrangement of apartment units on the periphery of the triangles possible.

Each triangle shaped volume has an atrium in the middle, with apartment units arranged around it. The atrium is covered by skylights on the top floor. The space left between the two volumes serves as a green courtyard on the top of the commercial floors, and as an elevated urban plaza accessed by the public.

The units looking inwards the building have terraces scattered in direction to avoid direct alignment of the units. The terraces are verified in size as well, giving a segmented and gradual envelope to the architectural form.

All accesses, shafts and service zones for apartment units are placed inside the triangle, using the atrium as a common space, and avoiding any intrusion on the enveloped façade.