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Alvars Suite Hotel

  • Location

    Alvars ,Ardabil ,Iran

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Masterplan ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Hotel ,Civic

  • Client

    Abadgaran Mehregan Co.

  • Scale

    1000 - 5000 m²

  • Year


Alvares ski resort in alvars sky resort

Design process of chalet community

Alvars Hotel Suites

The Alvars Hotel Suites complex consisted of units designed for the Alvars ski resort. This complex was also designed with the goal of creating a neighboring form and addressing the challenge of easy access to the ski resort. An important challenge in the design of the suites was the execution challenges, given the extremely low average temperature throughout the year and the limited time available for construction operations in this region. 

The construction plan involved creating pre-fabricated units on a pre-prepared platform, given the constraints of time and temperature.

For the desired units, second-hand containers were used as the main structure, and the architecture of the units was built onto this structure. A transparent jacuzzi was integrated into the side cut of the container box, allowing the units to offer a view of the ski resort.