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3 Friends Villa

  • Location

    Mazandaran ,Iran

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Villa ,Residential

  • Client

    Abadgaran Mehregan Co.

  • Scale

    <1000 m²

  • Year


Special challenge

3 Old friends; 3 villas

Etudes for ‘3friends’ villa were based on the project’s special challenge. Three old friends wanted to have three villas constructed on adjacent properties they had bought earlier. They wanted their villas to have common gathering and party spaces as well as completely separate private spaces for each villa.

After reviewing different composition alternatives on volumes and how they create cozy private spaces while leaving other areas for communal use, the design went through to have these private and communal spaces arranged in a way not to intrude each other.

Accordingly, there are two kind of yards designed; some are elevated on the roof top of the ground floors and are accessed only from within each villa, considered to be the more private yards; and others are communal yards on the ground floor which are used by everyone. The second yard also accommodates parking spaces for automobiles.