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3 Friends Villa

  • Location

    Mazandaran ,Iran

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Villa ,Residential

  • Client

    Abadgaran Mehregan Co.

  • Scale

    <1000 m²

  • Year


Semi-Detached Living

3 villas; 3 Old friends

3 Friends’ Villa: An Innovative Take on Semi-Detached Living

Firstly, the concept of semi-detached villas has witnessed a remarkable transformation in the form of the “3 Friends’ Villa” project. Here, the traditional notion of semi-detached homes has evolved into a unique architectural design, driven by the desires and needs of three close friends who imagined their dream homes.

Semi-Detached Villas: A Fusion of Privacy and Friendship

Traditionally, semi-detached houses share a common wall, with each unit functioning as an independent dwelling. However, the “3 Friends’ Villa” takes this concept a step further. While still retaining the semi-detached arrangement, these villas break new ground by integrating communal gathering spaces alongside private areas. Clearly, this innovative approach unites the concept of personal privacy with the desire for shared experiences, making it an interesting model of semi-detached living.

The Charm of the Location

Nestled in the peaceful Chai-Bagh villa town, next to the Ab-Pari hillside, these villas are obviously, graced with picturesque views. The backdrop of Caspian Sea shoreline, visible from a distance, adds to the attraction of the setting. In fact, the location underscores the contrast between the urban layout of the villas and the surrounding natural beauty.

From Urban to Communal: Design Transformation

While the Chai-Bagh villa town mainly features freestanding villas, the “3 Friends’ Villa” project departs from the norm. Here, the blocks of villas exhibit a closer connection, echoing central Iran’s urban patterns, which often revolve around the concept of family buildings coming together to form an intimate and private courtyard.

Innovative Space Design: Private vs. Communal

Most importantly, a fascinating feature of the “3 Friends’ Villa” lies in its spatial structure. As a result, to satisfy the clients’ unique requirements for relative spatial relations between private and shared spaces, a duality in design emerged. The rooftop yards, situated on top of the ground floors, offer an exclusive and private outdoor escape, accessible only from within each villa. Conversely, communal yards occupy the ground floor, serving as spaces for shared activities and parking facilities. This harmonious interplay between public and private zones improves the villa’s atmosphere and functionality.

Framing Nature: The Architectural Atmosphere

Chiefly, perhaps the most captivating aspect of the “3 Friends’ Villa” is the beautiful manner in which it frames the natural landscape. The architectural design is not merely functional but serves as a canvas that artfully summarize the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding environment. Through thoughtful placement and design, the surrounding landscape becomes an integral part of the villa’s aesthetic.

Conclusion: A New Paradigm in Semi-Detached Living

In conclusion, the “3 Friends’ Villa” project redefines the concept of semi-detached living. It expressively demonstrates how the traditional notion of connected homes can evolve to create a dynamic space that offers both personal privacy and shared experiences. Through its innovative design, seamless integration of nature, and thoughtful spatial configuration, these villas exemplify the future of semi-detached living, where architecture blends with friendship in the embrace of scenic beauty.