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I-Kal Multi-Use Complex

‘I-Kal’ is MESH’s mega urban project in Istanbul city. The project is to be built in the middle of European part of Istanbul and is a challenge in designing and coordinating architectural design with a condense urban context.

Location Istanbul- Turkey
Status In Process
Service Architecture, Interior
Sectors Multi-Use
Scale Large
Client Private Sector

پروژه‌های دفتر معماری شریف - آیکال

The project responds to urban needs by a DNA that is designed in between urban design and architectural design. 

The project was briefed as a high density one and the design team in cooperation with project’s developers decided to allocate the spaces provided under the ramps in central part, to the multiple commercial functions.

The residential zone was developed into the height of the project and the entrance to the site was made to play the role of an interactive catalyst in relation with the center zone. The atmosphere ‘I-Kal’ creates, is designed to act like a deep and relaxing breathe right in the middle of the dense and full of high-rises European heart of Istanbul.