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I-Kal Multi-Use Complex

I-Kal Multi-use Complex is MESH’s mega urban project in Istanbul city. The project is to be built in the middle of European part of Istanbul and is a challenge in designing and coordinating architectural design with a condense urban context.

  • Location

    Istanbul ,Turkey

  • Service

    DNA Design ,Masterplan ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Multi-Use ,Office ,Commercial ,Residential

  • Client

    Private Sector

  • Scale

    >50000 m²

  • Year


I- kal design process in MESH

I-Kal Multi-use Complex: A Harmonious Blend of Urban Planning and Architecture

I-Kal multi-use complex stands as a visionary project within the bustling urban environment of Istanbul. Its unique design, created by MESH, harmonizes urban planning and architectural principles to meet the city’s high-density needs. The project’s developers made an eco-friendly choice by utilizing the space beneath the ramps for multiple commercial functions. This not only offers a distinctive experience within the public areas but also aligns with sustainability standards, minimizing land use and excavation.

Unique Residential High-Rises

Energy-Efficiency and Sustainability at the Core

I-kal’s residential high-rises follow a central-core model but introduce a new, visionary element into Istanbul’s dense cityscape. The design emphasizes energy efficiency, contributing to the project’s overall sustainability. Each of the three free-standing blocks maintains spatial quality in apartment layouts. While the flats share a common structure, the arrangement of terraces and facade openings varies across floors, creating a diverse relationship with the urban landscape. Top floors feature penthouse flats, while ground levels cater to the public with amenities like swimming pools, saunas, gyms, coffee shops, and more.

Sustainability at the Core

Adaptable Spaces for Changing Needs

Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of I-kal’s multi-use complex design. The project allows flexibility in public and commercial zones, especially beneath the ramps, for future functional adjustments. This forward-thinking approach ensures that commercial stores can adapt to changing demands, while public spaces remain versatile and open for various uses.

Urban Accessibility and Serenity

Urban Accessibility and Serenity

I-kal’s location wasn’t originally a bustling urban zone, so the design team conducted studies to determine ideal access routes and pedestrian pathways. This informed the creation of walkways, passages, and entrances, ensuring the project caters to urban needs. The result is a serene, comfortable environment in the heart of Istanbul. I-kal provides a breath of fresh air amid the city’s high-rises, offering residents and visitors a tranquil escape within the vibrant European core of Istanbul.