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Hayat Residential Complex

The project`s special location, in the heart of Ab-Pari rainforest, and on top of its hillsides led MESH team to set for maximum transparency as the design`s main approach, and blend their usual concerns for experimental and eventful designs with this concept of transparency in `Hayat` project. Different alternatives were sketched to achieve transparency in the external layer of the volume; then the results were evaluated considering material solutions and the subsequent results on architectural form.

Location Mazandaran – Iran
Status Under Construction
Service Architecture, Interior
Sectors Residential
Scale Large
Client Private Sector

Another challenge was to create a new type of lifestyle in relation to the terraces and how they are interconnected to the living spaces in flats. To achieve this, MESH team designed a sliding facade system that covers the terraces and makes their openness to the surrounding environment manageable.
In this way the flat owners can enjoy different views and spatial relations in their terraces and in relation with the surrounding nature. As a second scenario, by sliding away the picture windows, the interior living rooms are extended into terraces and fused with the outside directly.

Hayat` project is a combination of livable yards that slide on each other and create an atmospheric natural environment that interacts with the structural patterns of an apartment project. The 4 apartment blocks of `Hayat` project are laid out in a way to provide great views for each block. By using the topography, the blocks are vertically arranged in a way to avoid blocking each other`s view to the splendid surrounding nature.
پروژه‌های دفتر معماری شریف - آپارتمان ویلا حیات