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AX Residential Tower

  • Location

    Iran ,Tehran ,Jordan

  • Service

    Architecture ,Interior Design ,Landscape

  • Function

    Residential ,Apartment

  • Client

    Private Sector

  • Scale

    1000 - 5000 m²

  • Date


A new design solution for an old challenge

Designing outside the box for infill Apartment

Ax Apartment: Solving the issue of excessive Slope by Creating a Gap in the Plan.

The Ax Apartment is an interesting example of creating added value by MESH in a project with infill zone. The project site is located on Goldan Street in the Jordan neighborhood of Tehran. The land has a noticeable slope towards the main street, which led the MESH design team to propose two separate codes for the project land to the municipality. In a way that the beginning and end of the slope created a one-floor difference in the project’s skyline. In terms of project volume, it appears as if two apartments have been placed side by side instead of one. Therefore, due to the difference in ground level codes, the roof of the apartment on the left side became the roof of the building, and the courtyard of the last unit became the roof of the apartment on the right side. Along with creating added value for this unit, custom staircases were also introduced for the units within the complex.